Cotton tails and egg trails mystery box

$38.50 for 1 month

This Easter you could purchase chocolate shaped like eggs and bunnies OR you could give the gift of nature play!

Item will be shipped in 3-5 business days


This Easter season rather than purchasing chocolate shaped like eggs and bunnies only to regret the sugar lows and chocolate stained fingerprints purchase a Cotton Tails and Egg Trails box instead!

With an eggs and bunnies theme this nature play box is designed to get kids playing wild, roaming free and exploring nature! Whilst the contents remain a mystery until the box is opened it will inspire hours of unstructured play. Think wooden toys, stem projects, books and craft (with no glitter!).

Boxes are ideal for 3 -12 years but have been known to get the whole family involved. One box is enough for all siblings to enjoy!

Boxes will ship 27th March 2020. If not sold out there will be a chance to purchase after this date with boxes shipping next day.

Free shipping included!


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