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  • Origami DIY Box
  • Paper Flowers Box
  • Paper Supply Box
  • Superhero Collections Box


Origami DIY Box

$29.95 /mth includes free shipping Australia Wide

Each month’s box will contain an origami kit unique for that month. You’ll be creating something new each month. One month could be creating an origami crane garland, next could be a flower bouquet for Mother’s Day, next could be 3d origami swan. It’ll be a lovely surprise each month for you to enjoy and make your masterpiece.

Best of all, once you’re done with your creation, they can be used as home decor which is sure to impress visitors or as a gift to someone special. They’ll love the fact that you made it for them.

Kit includes origami paper supplies, link to video tutorial, instruction sheets for some kits. Bonus: We are considering running a monthly online workshop using the kits for that month. If this goes ahead, you can join free and we can make the origami creations together or you can follow the video tutorial.

If you are buying this subscription as a gift, please ensure you provide shipping address of the receiver. Your billing address will be yours. We can also include a personalised message to go with the kit. This needs to be provided in the month prior.

Paper Supply Box

$19.95 /mth includes free shipping Australia Wide

Do you enjoy origami but have a hard time trying to get a hold of origami paper? This Origami Paper Supply Box subscription is the perfect solution. Each month you’ll receive a different set of origami papers to work with.

We have a range of origami paper sets which includes:

Patterned origami paper,

gold & silver origami paper,

japanese washi paper with gold lining,

rainbow origami paper,

chiyogami pattern paper,

origami cherry blossom paper,

even double sided solid origami paper.

Each month will be a surprise – you’ll never know which origami set’s you’ll receive but making origami with them will be so much fun.

You can use the origami papers to fold paper cranes or any other creations you want. Or even use them to make paper flowers or for papercraft. There are lots of free video tutorials on origami on Youtube. Work your way to folding 1,000 paper cranes and make a wish or get creative and make a range of origami creations.

The first set you’ll receive will be a set of mixed origami papers plus how to fold a paper crane instruction sheet.

Each month’s origami paper supply box will be different and includes between 24-100 origami paper depending on the set.

Superhero Collection Box

$85 + $9.95 shipping Australia Wide. 

Receive a superhero each month for 6 months. Super heros includes 3D Origami Batman, Robbin, Wolverine, Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man. Collect them all.

Paper Flowers Box

$75 + $9.95 shipping Australia Wide. 

Enjoy beautiful flowers without the hassle of watering them or seeing them whittle away. With origami flowers, not only are they maintenance free, you get to enjoy them everyday as they last forever. When special occasions like Mother’s Day or birthdays come around you can even give them to someone special so they too can enjoy the beautiful origami flowers.

Each month you’ll receive origami flowers which you can use to brighten up your home or as a gift for someone special. Flowers and colours will vary each month. If you have a preferred colour combinations you’d like us to stick to, just let us know.

Have someone special who you can’t visit as often as you’d like? Why not send them origami flowers every month to remind them how much you miss them. We can add your personalised message to go with the flowers.


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