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Ships: Monthly
Billed: Monthly
Free Postage: $9.90 within Melbourne metro, $11.90 national
Cancel: Anytime
Ships From: Australia
Currency: AUD

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Red Moon is currently offering 2 box selections


Pamper Parcel – $29.90

The pamper parcel contains a collection of high-quality, natural, organic and local treats designed with self-care in mind.

This parcel is perfect for women who don’t use disposable feminine hygiene products or don’t get a regular period but still want to enjoy the collection of monthly treats.

The contents are curated each month so no two months are the same, but items to expect include premium organic chocolates, herbal teas, skin care and natural remedies.


Monthly Period Parcel – $39.90

This monthly parcel combines two packs of feminine hygiene essentials with four to five premium treats – carefully selected to help ease the pain and suffering of your period.

Select your preferred sanitary products at the time of purchase
Tell us which week in the month you need your parcel
We’ll deliver it to your door. Sit back and enjoy the chocolate & treats!
Don’t like using pads & tampons or don’t get a regular period? No problem. Check out our Pamper Parcel that includes all the best bits from the Monthly Period Parcel but without feminine hygiene products.

At Red Moon Parcels, each month we carefully curate a collection of the highest-quality monthly essentials for your period, as well as special treats for you to eat, drink and pamper yourself.

We focus our parcels on natural, healthy, local and sustainable products and only select the highest quality. Our goal is for you to have a healthier period, and for your challenging week to get a whole-lot better!

Our parcels include:
– Natural bamboo pads & organic cotton tampons
– Chocolate (only the best quality guaranteed)!
– Herbal teas
– Natural skin & body care
– Natural remedies
– Gift items

Details of the monthly period parcel:
– Allows the customer to select any two full boxes of their preferred sanitary items
– Is curated monthly to offer a variety of 4-5 premium treats
– Offers weekly delivery dates so it can arrive just in time for your period
– A single month’s parcel can be purchased as a one off order
– Discounts apply to 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions


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