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What is this website all about?

We pride ourselves on listing all subscription boxes available to Australia. Some are international boxes that ship here, but majority are based in Australia. We love supporting local business. We made this page as we found a need for a complete listing directory site for Australian subscription boxes.

Can I get my subscription box added to this website?

Sure we would love to have you on board, please goto the sign up page HERE

Is this a paid listing site?

This site was initially launched as free service for all subscription boxes available in Australia, we envisioned all the subscription box companies would give us an affiliate link so we could gain a small monthly gain to keep the site up and running.
We have since realised that most boxes in Australia don’t offer an affiliate program, and after several requests from box owners to simply charge a monthly fee we have decided this will be the best method going forward.

Do you list international boxes?

Yes, if your box ships to Australia, you can request a listing using your affiliate program or sign up to one of our monthly listing packages..

Can you review our box?

Sure we love doing reviews of any boxes available to Australia. You can view our reviews HERE to get an idea of what we offer, and then head on over to THIS page to find more details on how we do reviews. We can do a review even if your box is not listed on our site.

Do you sell boxes? Can I contact you regarding a box I ordered?

No, we don’t physically sell or send boxes, we provide a directory of Australian subscription boxes so buyers can view and purchase all subscription boxes in one easy to use the website. If you have ordered a box please email or contact the seller of the box for any help you need.