Navigating your dashboard

Home Tab: A Brief overview of your store and sales etc.

Products Tab: Shows the products you sell with us

Orders Tab: This shows all of your current orders. You want to take note of the Awaiting Shipment orders, and ship these asap.

Customers Tab: Shows the historical customers that have purchased your product.

Refunds Tab: Refund requests will show up here, but usually we will personally email you to discuss any refund requests from customers.

Payments Tab: Here you can see the payments we have released to you. You can check which orders these payments were made against and when it was paid etc

Ledger Book Tab: This shows all the debits and credits of each and every order. Very handy if your trying to balance your books.

Reports Tab: You can print and export some handy reports here.

Subscription Tab: here you can see the status of a customer’s subscription. Lots of handy info here regarding the next payment date etc
–The red cross logo on the left means the subscription has been cancelled and you can expect no more orders from this customer.
— The grey line logo on the left means the subscription is on hold. Either the customer has requested to be on hold for some time, or we are still trying to get payment from them. Orders won’t show up in your orders tab for this subscription until the order is fully paid. But this is handy to look at if you are wondering whats happened with a customers subscription

Support Tab: This shows all the support tickets you have received from customers of your box. You will receive and email notifying you of this, and it’s up to you to discuss it with the customer.

Analytics Tab: here you can see the stats relating to your products