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Marketplace vendors terms and conditions

By submitting this form I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Subscription Box Australia will advertise my product for sale on their website, and take funds and orders for the said product.

2. I will provide Subscription Box Australia with any product change request via email, and Subscription Box Australia agrees to update these changes within 3 business days.

3. Subscription Box Australia will take a 10% commission, plus transaction fees on each order, and release the balance of the monies to the PayPal account saved on my profile once the order has been shipped and I have provided valid tracking to prove this within the agreed 90-day deadline.

4. I agree to fulfill and ship all orders to the customer as soon as possible. And provide subscription box Australia with valid postal tracking for this order.

5. If valid postage tracking is not provided within 3 months of the order date, the order is deemed abandoned and I will not receive any payments for this order.

6. I will answer all customer questions and order-related questions within 3 business days. If I do not respond to this communication subscription box Australia reserves the right to refund the customer on your behalf. And if this occurs I will not receive any payment for this order.

7. My membership can be withdrawn at any time by subscription box Australia.

8. I am responsible for ensuring my PayPal email address is provided in my profile, and that the address is updated and valid at all times. If a payment is returned to Subscription Box Australia due to an incorrect email address provided, the seller has 90 days to rectify the issue and request Subscription Box Australia to resend the payment in full, After this date Subscription Box Australia holds the right to deny this request.