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  • Customisable DIY products
    Our crafts kits are simple to assemble; they give you the potential express your individuality and customise your creations according to your personal tastes and desires. We aspire to awaken the creative potential that everybody has. You only need some inspiration and a little bit of time to create something beautiful.
    We encourage a sense of sharing and creating together. Any of our products can be made to order as gifts with personalised photos, names, phrases, and colours to suit the tastes of your nearest and dearest. We create products for the dreamers, the makers, the creators and the budding artists; it is our priority to make sure that you receive a product that is unique to you.


  • Our commitment to sustainability
    We are passionate about making the world a better place to be through handmade crafts and DIY pieces that enhance your surroundings. So it makes sense that we want to do as much as we can to leave the environment unharmed. Our products and packaging are sustainably made with recyclable materials. We are eco-conscious, and dedicated to using materials that are kind on the environment, yet durable.


  • Affordable, unique and on-trend
    We are constanlly exploring new ways to create crafts that will engage crafters of all ages and skill levels. We are dedicated to our dream of changing the environement around us for the better, and introducing positivity into peoples’ lives, and this dedication comes through in each of the products we create. Putting it all and giving it that magical, creative touch is all up to you.


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