Emporium Beauty Box


The Emporium Beauty Box is a subscription service which focuses on supplying members with a selection of artisan cosmetics/bath & body/perfume per box. Products are sourced nationally and internationally.

Ships: Monthly
Billed: Monthly
Free Postage: No
Cancel: Anytime
Ships From: Australia
Currency: AUD

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Emporium Beauty Box | Subscription Box Australia

Are you excited? We’re excited! After a year of finding out what works and what doesn’t, we’re ready to upgrade our Emporium to make it more beneficial for you.
Our Emporium no longer a subscription service – instead we have 4 Emporium ‘packets’ released each month in limited quantities:

Aroma Emporium (3 wax melts, candles, room sprays)
Bath + Body Emporium (3 bath/shower and personal care items)
Beauty Emporium (3 different beauty products for the face)
Perfume Emporium (3 perfume samples)

By changing it from one box with a higher price tag and the risk of you getting products you won’t enjoy, we’ve split it up into smaller more affordable bundles where you can really pick and choose what types of products you think you will get the most use out of. Participating brands will be announced prior to release, along with the theme and the price. The products themselves, and any fragrance/colour descriptions, will remain a mystery until you unwrap it.


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