Your colleagues will love you for having Snackwize in the office.

Ships: Monthly
Billed: Monthly
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Ships From: Australia
Currency: AUD

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Snackwise Box | Subscription Box Australia

A curated selection of snacks delivered straight to your office every month!  No more running to the store during work hours, and having to stress over which products are Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, or Dairy Free for your co-workers. Save time and money by letting us do the hard work for you with our healthy food delivery service.

Snackwize offers a variety of different box sizes, each including a rotating selection of delicious snacks. We work with you to customise your box to make sure it is exactly what you and your team want.

At Snackwize, we are dedicated to getting your box just right and if for any reason your team doesn’t love something, we will replace it in your next delivery.


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