Running Fit Box

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Fuel your motivation all year round with the Quarterly Running Fit Box. Gain access to an array of products each new season all aimed at helping you to run and feel your best.

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Running Fit Box | Subscription Box Australia

Running Fit Box is a subscription box tailored specifically to the training and recovery needs of a runner. Each quarter you will receive about 10 different product/services that will assist you with your running.

Each quarter you will receive a different range of products which will cover your pre, during and post nutrition and recovery. Such items will include gels, energy drinks, recovery bars, protein products and general running accessories for training and recovery.

The Running Fit Box team have years of experience in running and long endurance events. The products supplied in the boxes are products we have used or would use to compliment our training. We will choose brands that are suitable for runners in training and recovery. Our focus is to source products that are available within Australia in most cases.

We believe in good training and recovery practices and will endeavour to provide products that we believe you will love as much as we do for your running and health.


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