Dollar Shave Club

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Choose one of our three amazing razors. We’ll give you a reusable handle and ship you replacement razor cartridges for a ridiculously affordable price. See, easy

Ships: Monthly
Billed: Monthly
Free Postage: Yes
Cancel: Anytime
Ships From: Australia
Currency: AUD

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Dollar Shave Club Box | Subscription Box Australia

Dollar Shave Club delivers amazing razors and world-class grooming supplies right to your door. All at an affordable price with a 100% money-back guarantee.

We ship your bathroom stuff right to your door. That means time saved and the fun of opening mail!

If you choose the Executive or the 4X Razor, you’ll receive a full cassette containing four replacement cartridges. If you choose the Humble Twin Razor, the full cassette contains five replacement cartridges.

1 review for Dollar Shave Club

  1. Steve

    So much cheaper than regular razors!

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