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Witchcraft & spiritual subscription box

Amazing witchcraft and spiritual subscription box

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Lylliths Emporium Box | Subscription Box Australia

Amazing witchcraft and spiritual subscription boxes are now available – including the option to try one of our popular boxes before committing to a 12 month subscription!

Our Subscription Boxes are processed separately to our main online checkout system and go through PayPal (you can still purchase and subscribe without a PayPal account – or it’s free to sign up) Cancel your subscription at any time.

We look forward to introducing some new box options throughout the year 🙂

Our Review

What is this subscription box all about?

These fun, educational, witchy and exciting boxes are filled with bits and pieces of witchy, spiritual and unique products from crystal, incense and herbs to little figurines, books, cds, stickers and candles with anything in between!

Our Mystery Witchy Boxes have been created to provide an exciting and unique box each month over your subscription period. Each month will include something for your spells and rituals such as a candle, incense blend, herb or crystal as well as something fun like stickers, figurines, bath salts or whatever takes our fancy that month. We will also include samples of new products and new product ideas for you to try out!

What is the price?

$60.00 AUD Per Month

What was included

This is the whole box contents

Tumbled Stones

Amazonite, fluorite & red tiger eye tumbled stones for use in your favourite recipes

Uplifting Essential Oil

A 5ml bottle of this blend for use in burners or diffusers.

Empty Dropper Bottle

For mixing up a witchy blend

Herbal Tea, Dried Herbs

Lemon myrtle, lavender,chamomile & green tea sencha herbs for you to mix into your own custom herbal tea blends

Pain Relief Tea

A herbal tea blend specifically to help with pain relief.

Overall thoughts?

Well this was a different kind of box to any ive seen before, mainly aimed at tea this month with plenty of options for making your own teas, or just sipping on the premade option.

The addition of the crystals and info sheet on how to make crystal infused water was new to me, and very interesting.

The options are endless to what you could use the herbs to create. Personally I dont drink tea so ill use the herbs to make little bags for my underwear drawer, or to put in my pillow at night.

Just a side note, the box said it contained a tea strainer, which was not present. I contacted them are they were very apologetic and more than happy to send a replacement. Great customer service.

If your into the witchy, herbal or tea trend then pop on over and check out Lylliths Emporium, she has many different boxes to chose from.


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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box



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