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Date Crate Box Review

Date Crate

$60.00 AUD

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  • New things to try
  • Quality Items
  • New ideas
  • Partner Fun


  • not everything will suit all couples

What is this subscription box all about?

Everything a couple needs for a unique, fun and creative date night at home in one box, delivered to your door.

It is our goal to make date night simple, easy and a reality again.

Couples simply subscribe, wait for their box to be delivered, open the box and enjoy a night at home filled with fun, creativeness and togetherness!

What is the price?

$60.00 AUD Per Month

What was included

All the Small Things

These tools are the little things that will help you fulfil your date night games and fun

Mini White Boards

2 mini boards, the pens and erasers are in the above image. Used for the relationship question game

Mont Marte Acrylic Paints

Used for painting the river stones with your own creative designs


Apply to the skin and leave overnight for bright amazing henna tattoos

Black River Stones

Used with the acrylic paint to make some amazing bright painted stones

Bhuja Ancient Grain Twists

So yummy, i didnt think these looked appetising, but looks can be deceiving they were crunchy and flavoursome

Tropical Incence

Some lovely smelling incense cones with a ceramic base


The book explains all the activities that you will do with the supplies

Overall thoughts?

What a cool idea! Formulating a renewed bond with your partner through games and artistic fun!

This box has 5 parts,

1. set the mood with some amazing smelling incense

2. Paint each other with henna tattoos. It takes great trust to allow your partner to brand you for a the next few weeks!

3. Paint the mandala stones with acrylic paints, letting the creative juices flow

4. Relationship questions game, seeing how much you know about your partner!

5. A secret sealed section showing several karma sutra moves to try in the bedroom!

My partner wasn’t very keen on the henna, and only wanted to help paint the rocks prior to me putting the dots on, but not everyone is artistically inclined are they!

The question game was fun, and proved i knew alot more about my partner than he knew about me lol go figure!

The grain snacks went down a treat with both of enjoying the flavours and crunch they presented.

As a typical male he most keen to try out the karma sutra moves! Ill spare you the gory details of that adventure!

This box truly gives you a chance to grow as a couple, and experience different things

I feel the price is reasonable given all the high quality goods we received

 To Get Involved Just sign up through this link

Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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