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Therabox – June 2019 Review


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  • Quality Products
  • New things to try
  • Relaxing

Therabox is a therapist curated box of happiness filled with joyful ingredients delivered straight to your door!

What is the price?

USD $34.99 Per Month

What was included?

Above is the whole box contents

Individual Items:

Aromastick –

This is filled with essential oils to help relax and is used by inhaling the aroma.

Bronzing potion Glow Cream –

10ml tube for illuminating cream to give you a natural glow.

Quick Fix Spray –

This is used to spray on yourself when you have been sweating a lot and can help you feel refreshed and also fight bacteria.

Z Skin Age Defying Face Lift Lotion –

100% natural and organic moisturising face lotion to assist when your skin needs some TLC.

Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask –

A sheet mask to help lift, firm and soften lines. This one will be going on my face ASAP to help firm up my skin.

Adventure Passport Holder and Luggage Tag –

A lovely set that includes a passport holder and a luggage tag and has a marble design.

Stainless Steel Straws –

This set comes with 4 bent stainless steel straws and a cleaning brush. Love that they have such a useful item and they have a nice rainbow colour to them.

Goals and Vision Board –

Every month Therabox includes a happiness boosting activity and this month it is all about helping you to visualise and achieve your goals.

Overall thoughts?

I really like this box and the message behind it. I am all about self care and by getting an activity each month I have found that I am more inclined to do the activity instead of putting it off to another day.

I also like they have a range of products in the box including skincare and also more practical items such as the stainless steel straws.

As this is a US box the shipping is a bit high but the value of the box still is above what I have paid and to me personally I look forward to this box and that is the main part of getting a monthly subscription.

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