, ZenPop Stationery Review “NOV 2018”

ZenPop Stationery Review “NOV 2018”

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Zen Pop Stationery


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  • Unique Designs
  • Functionality
  • Exploring Culture
  • New Ideas

What is this subscription box all about?

Zenpop Japanese Stationery Pack
10 items in every pack! Discover cute high quality stationery from Japan every month, and watch your collection grow!

Quality name brand writing tools, Cute stickers, Unique notepads, and sticky notes, Japanese washi tape, Cards and letter sets, Fun erasers and Innovative Japanese items!

, ZenPop Stationery Review “NOV 2018”

What is the price?

$41.45 AUD Per Month

What was included

, ZenPop Stationery Review “NOV 2018”

This is the whole box contents

, ZenPop Stationery Review “NOV 2018”

Shibani Flake Stickers

Made from a hard wrinkly paper, these are cute and seem durable

, ZenPop Stationery Review “NOV 2018”

Otoshidama Envelopes

The tradition in Japan is parents give these to children, with money inside on New Years Day

, ZenPop Stationery Review “NOV 2018”

Winter Notepad

A cute well made notepad for jotting down thoughts

, ZenPop Stationery Review “NOV 2018”

Winter Letter Set

Write a letter the old fashioned way with this gorgeous letter set

, ZenPop Stationery Review “NOV 2018”

Doggy One Point Markers

Like mini post it notes, for marking a page or appointment on your calendar

, ZenPop Stationery Review “NOV 2018”

No Staple, Stapler

What an idea! never run out of staples again

, ZenPop Stationery Review “NOV 2018”

Beetle Tip Highlighter & Ball Pen

Cute, pink, sparkly and functional, what more can you ask for

, ZenPop Stationery Review “NOV 2018”

Winter Washi Tape

Decorate gifts or make something spectacular with this washi tape

, ZenPop Stationery Review “NOV 2018”

2019 Desk Calendar

Keep on top of your year with this boar themed calendar, Meant to bring you good luck in the upcoming year of the boar

Overall thoughts?

You have to adore the quality of things made in Japan, and this box is no exception. All the items are well made and durable. The paper is so thick, and strong not like the flimsy stuff we get here. The pens are well made and unique in style and colour. I love the staple free stapler, what an ingenious idea! This will get tonnes of use in my household. The stickers are also different to any I’ve seen here, made with a rigid paper instead of the glossy type were all used to. The desk calendar is cute and will come in handy for the upcoming year, and hopefully bring me some luck!

All in all this box is full of beauty and new ideas. It inspires creativity and would be a welcome addition to any Stationery collection. The price is reasonable considering it includes postage all the way from Japan. The box itself is cute an appealing to the eye! Get on board and check out ZENPOP, they also offer snack boxes, ramen boxes and beauty boxes! Whats not to love!


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