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Soxy Beast Review – Aug 2017

Soxy Beast Subscription


Sock Design




Overall Thoughts



  • Comfy socks
  • Supports Aussie Charity
  • Aussie Made


  • Fairly Expensive

Are you always missing one sock from the pair like me? I swear my washing machine eats my socks when im not looking, so this new idea of a sock subscription pack is right up my alley!

Soxy beast will deliver you one brand new pair of luscious cotton socks every month, straight to your letter box! No shopping trip needed!

These socks arent your usual borings pairs either, they are hand designed by genuine Australian artists so each pair has some flair and personality and you’ll never receive the same pair twice.

They ship out from Melbourne and each pair is lovingly made right here in Australia!

With $1 from each pair being given to charity there’s no reason not to get on board with this designer sock trend!

Soxy Beast provides you with a unique look to distinguish yourself from the herd. You may be cultured and refined, but you’ll never be tamed.

While I believe $20 is fairly high for a single pair of socks, these socks are both stylish, original and comfy!
See my video below to see what you get in a subscription from Soxy Beast


  1. Fathers day present sorted!

  2. Awesome designs, seem expensive though

  3. Cool socks and cool that they give to charity

  4. You can never have enough socks!

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