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Sweaty Box Review

Sweaty Box




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  • Mix of fitness & beauty
  • Healthy Snacks


  • Small Package
  • No Box

What is this subscription box all about?

SweatyBox is a $10 a-month fitness subscription box. Your box will contain items from top fitness and beauty brands that will keep you looking and feeling your best when active.

You usually get some fitness based snacks or supplements and some beauty items that remind you to look after your body inside and out!

What is the price?

$10 USD per Month

What was included?

1 Power Fitness Raw Bar

1 Manna Shimmer Glo Lip

1 Ncla Nail Wrap Stickers

1 Salt Stick Fast Chews Electrolyte Tablets

Overall thoughts?

What can you really expect for $10USD per month? I got a few small items packaged in tissue paper without a box present. When something has BOX in the product name, for some reason I expect a box to be part of the deal.

There was no promo or advertising in the package so I wasn’t even sure who this was from when i first received it.

The Raw bar was delicious and well aimed at the fitness crowd. The Salt chews will come in handy when I do a big work out and I’m feeling a little flat.

The beauty items were a treat with some nail wraps and lip gloss to keep me looking fine after a work out.

Overall you dot get much with this package, but being only $10USDĀ  its worth the value

Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box


  1. Its not even a box lol

  2. Not much in there hey? and no branding, seems weird!

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