, Goodness Me “June 2019” Review
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Goodness Me “June 2019” Review

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  • New things to try
  • Quality Products
  • Quality Brands
  • Healthy Goodies


  • Yucky Flavours

What is this subscription box all about?

Get a monthly delivery of 7-10 boutique health products and samples. Only $25/month, cancel anytime.

Natural food with zero nasties, delivered right to your doorstep every month.

, Goodness Me “June 2019” Review

What is the price?

$25.00 AUD Per Month

What was included?

, Goodness Me “June 2019” Review

Above is the whole box contents

Individual Items:

, Goodness Me “June 2019” Review

Collagen U

Two sachets to be added to your favourite drink

, Goodness Me “June 2019” Review

Beauty Nectar

1 sachet to mix into your favourite drink

, Goodness Me “June 2019” Review

OK Organic Kombucha

Hibiscus & lime flavour drink, ewwwww it must be good for me because it tastes horrible

, Goodness Me “June 2019” Review

Raw C Coconut Water

Blueberry and pomegranate flavoured water drink, I dont like coconut so i didnt try this one

, Goodness Me “June 2019” Review

Tumeric Superblend

Add this to a drink to get your tumeric fix, it was a little gritty to be honest and not very yummy!

, Goodness Me “June 2019” Review

Taprobane Green Tea

One citrus and one blueberry, I mustnt be a very healthy person because I dont drink tea either!

, Goodness Me “June 2019” Review

Energi Bio Bar

One berry bomb flavoured bar, oh how I wish my taste buds appreciated healthy foods, this was also not very nice tasting at all.

, Goodness Me “June 2019” Review

Shelbys Dipped & Dusted Almonds

Yay finally something in this box I like! The cinnamon ones were especially delicious

, Goodness Me “June 2019” Review

Sunny Fruit Sundried Tomato Bites

This is a great idea for a snack, yummy and moreish with a sweet but acidic flavour

Overall thoughts?

Well well, this box has taught me one thing, I just dont like healthy food! I struggled to find anything i liked the taste of in this box, but thats not Goodness Me’s fault whatsoever.

The price point for this box is so good, you get to try heaps of different items and broaden your food journey.

My highlights were the sundried tomato snacks, and the almonds. Just be prepared when you get this box to have your taste buds challenged if your a junk food lover like me.

Excellent range of goodies, healthy options and and overall well thought out box here, head on over and check out a Goodness Me box!


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