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  • Delicious smells
  • Simple design
  • Attractive Packaging


  • I cant eat this candle!

What is this subscription box all about?

Club Candle is a pay by the month candle subscription club, you receive a surprise candle shipped to your doorstep, with FREE delivery.

You choose the box that suits you, Sweet and Fruity, Fresh and Earthy or if you can’t decide, we can surprise you!

What is the price?

$44.00 AUD Per Month

What was included

This is the whole box contents

One Large Double Wicked, Cucumber & Melon Candle

Vibrant and fresh, the scent takes over the room with a spring glow.

1 Package Of T2 China Jasmine Tea

Overall thoughts?

Well as soon as this package entered my home, my partner asked whats that smell? It smells great he exclaimed. And id have to say i agree!

The plain glass container holding my lovely 400g candle goes with any interior design, and has a simplicity that you cant help but enjoy. The delicious sweet spring smell takes over the whole house bringing with it calmness and relaxation.

You be hard pressed to find this candle in store for less than $50 so i think the price is quite reasonable. The double wick is eye catching and cute, but as i prefer the candle to last, ill only be lighting one wick at a time.

The packaging and addition of a small tea sachet says alot about how Club Candle appreciates its customers, and tries to provide an honest and beautiful product to them.

Head over to Club Candle to order your monthly subscription box, you can choose between sweet & fruity, or earthy and fresh, If you cant decide then you can order the surprise box too!

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