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Simply Earth Review Nov 2018

Simply Earth

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  • All Natural
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  • Some ingredients not included

What is this subscription box all about?

Each month you get all the ingredients, containers, and extras you need to make 6 natural essential oil recipes… delivered to your doorstep.

What is the price?

$39.00 USD Per Month

What was included

This is the whole box contents

4 Simply Earth Essential Oils

Pine scotch, Relief, Wintergreen & Lemon Eucalyptus Oil for use in this months recipes

Wooden Tree Decoration

Smother this in your favourite blend and hang on the tree for smells all season long

Activated Charcoal

To use with the face mask recipe and the toothpaste recipe.

Aluminium Spray Bottle

Lightweight, durable and pleasing to the eye. Perfect size for popping in the car or handbag.

Overall thoughts?

So the way this all works is every month you get one box with 4 oils and some recipes in order to make things for cleaning, beauty and home use. Plus every 6 months you get the big blue bonus box, it has all the extras you’ll need for the next 6 Simply Earth boxes.

The first thing I must mention is the postage! OMG this arrived in 5 days from purchase from the USA!!! We all know how slow postage can be in this country so to say i was shocked was an understatement! Amazing postage speed to country VIC

I loved the idea of making natural toothpaste and face scrubs at home, keeping the chemicals down and the fun up! The box comes with everything you’ll need to start your Simply Earth journey, and few fun extras to keep you smiling.

The Value is top notch as essential oils are notorious for being expensive! If your into oils and keeping a natural home, this box is a must have!

The recipe cards are clear and easy to understand, my only gripe was the fact there was a few ingredients listed that didn’t come in the box, so I was unable to make these. I think you would find these ingredients would have come in the previous Big Bonus Box so if you are a regular subscriber you wouldn’t have this issue.

We highly recommend this box for the essential oil fans in your life, or anyone who wants to give it a try!

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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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