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Creativkits June 2019 Review

Creativkits June 2019


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  • Quality Products
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What is this subscription box all about?

Get Engaging & Fun activities in a curated kit delivered to your doorsteps every month.

What is the price?

$44.95 AUD Per Month (Plus Version)

What was included?

Above is the whole box contents

Individual Items:

Cross Stitch Art

This came in a sealed box and inside there is a cross stitch animal template, threads and a plastic needle. It also includes a pattern sheet for the kids to follow so again great for kids to do with some supervision.

Layered wax candle

This came in a brown paper bag and inside is six different coloured crayons, wax, four candle wicks, stickums and two short glasses.This is an activity that requires supervision and adult assistance due to the hot wax.

Bouncy Ball Kit

The bouncy ball kit came in a plastic cup that was sealed. Inside there is two moulds that are different shapes and also 4 different colours of rubber sand. Again instruction are very clear so you can easily just do the activity.

Robotic Hand Kit

Includes in this kit is a hand frame, finger tubes, finger end caps, pull rings and string. There is also a detailed set of instructions that also includes pictures so it should be an easy task to complete for kids.

Kids DIY magazine

In this magazine it gives you all the instructions on how to complete the activities plus some extra things to do.

Overall thoughts?

This is a great box for kids and I am really impressed with the items in the box. There is a detailed magazine that shows you all the instructions and there is also a coloured dot which related to the items needed for that particular activity. There is also a QR code that also gives you the instructions and also a YouTube video showing how to make it.

The box I received was the Plus kit for ages 5 plus so there is 2 science activities and 2 art and craft activities so plenty of things to do. I found that the activities were suitable for the age listed and the kids were excited to get into making everything. There is also different plans available so you can get just science, just art and craft or one of each or all of them.

I am glad that I got the plus box with four activities so I can bring one out each weekend and the box will last the whole month until the next one comes along. This will become a regular box in my household as I love getting the kids doing creative things and getting the brain working.

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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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