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Envelope of Awesome “June 2019” Review

Envelope of Awesome


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  • Great For Kids
  • Creative
  • Cheap

What is this subscription box all about?

Each Envelope is carefully designed to provide the perfect combination of education and fun. Here are some things you can expect from your monthly EofA.

What is the price?

$11.95 AUD Per Month

Individual Items:

4 little cards

There was four little cards included. One had a joke,one was information about an envelope of awesome character, information about Nikola Tesla who was an inventor and an amazing vegetable card.


A small badge about the size of a 20 cent piece with a robot on there

4 pages of How to Draw

In this month it included a futuristic robot, cute things that fly in the sky, official envelope of awesome characters and some cartooning tips. They are well done instructions and I feel that they will be easy to follow.

More sheets of paper

Also included was some doodle boxes, some green paper with alien eyes so you can create your own alien, some orange paper to create a caveman, some vegetable jokes, a colouring in page and a welcome letter.

Sketch Book

As this was my first order I received a sketch book which had a personalised note on the back and a hand drawn cartoon on the front.

Overall thoughts?

I really like this idea of an envelope of awesome and I also noticed a envelope of cuteness is coming soon. Kids loving getting something on the mail and it should keep them entertained for ages with creating the cartoons and colouring in.

I like that there was some extra goodies in there such as a badge and collectible cards and there was a good amount of cartoons to get you started. Sometimes if there is too much it can become overwhelming and a kid just doesn’t know where to start but this had a good amount of variety without being too much.

I will try another envelope so I can see what is in there and the main test if I will keep getting this envelope is if it keeps the kids entertained and that they can follow the instructions that have been provided.

 To Get Involved Just sign up through this link

Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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