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KiwiCo – June 2019 Review

Kiwi Co - Kiwi Crate - Kaleidoscope Puzzle


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  • Quality Products
  • New things to try
  • Creative
  • Non Technology Fun

Every month, we deliver engaging projects and content catered to your child’s development stage—all backed by research.
We offer fresh ideas for you to encourage development of your child’s skills and bond with him or her.

What is the price?

$29.99 AUD Per Month

What was included

This is the whole box contents

Spinning Kaleidoscope

The materials provided for this activity are kaleidoscope paper, rectangle mirrors, clear wheels, kaleidoscope stickers, brad and foam paper.

Standing Kaleidoscope

square mirrors, mirror book, clips, base, drawing paper, patterned paper and markers.

Kaleidoscope Puzzle Games

foam shapes, puzzle cards, standing kaleidoscope and travel kit.

Overall thoughts?

This box is such a hit in my household. As soon as the kids know the “science box” has arrived they want to open it straight away. This box shown is the Kiwi Crate which is aimed for ages 5+. I find the instructional book is very easy to follow and it explains each step very clearly and there is usually a diagram as well to help out. The quality of the materials is pretty good and most things have lasted for a while and keep being played with. Anything that can make a kid turn off the TV or iPad and want to actually do something crafty or where they may learn something is a big thumbs up from me.

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