, PeekyMe Review – Sept 2018

PeekyMe Review – Sept 2018

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Peeky Me


Amount Of Items


Range Of Items




Use of Items





  • New things to try
  • Creative craft ideas
  • Keeping kids entertained

What is this subscription box all about?

A PeekyMe creative craft pack includes four or more craft activities made with high-quality materials based on popular themes like Pirates, Space and My Coffee Shop.

, PeekyMe Review – Sept 2018

What is the price?

$29.95 AUD Per Month


What was included

, PeekyMe Review – Sept 2018

This is the whole box contents

, PeekyMe Review – Sept 2018

My Little Cafe

Text booklet explaining how to use your supplies to make a cafe


, PeekyMe Review – Sept 2018

What are we making

Chefs hat, Gingerbread Men, Mini Pizzas & Cupcakes are all on the menu


, PeekyMe Review – Sept 2018


Covered in glitter and small decorations the cupcakes come with small cupcake pans

, PeekyMe Review – Sept 2018

Mini Pizzas

One finished mini pizza topped with ham tomato & cheese, because thats what miss 8 likes!

, PeekyMe Review – Sept 2018

Gingerbread Men

Complete with all the embellishments a couple of yummy gingerbread men

, PeekyMe Review – Sept 2018

The Finished Product

Mini pizza over, pizzas, ginger-bread men, cupcakes & chefs hat


, PeekyMe Review – Sept 2018

The Happy Designer

Miss 8 was chuffed with her creations

Overall thoughts?

Well lets start with a value rating from miss 8 herself, 10 out of 10 gold stars!

The PeekyMe box is filled with ideas and the tools to make those ideas come to life. You wont need any extra tools as everything is included even scissors & glue. The crafts are easy to make, yet allow for creative minds to take control. Miss 8 was a bit stuck on making hers look exactly like the images provided, so it was a bit of a shame when the bows on the images, weren’t provided in our package. The hat was also too small for her head, but shes big for her age.

This box helps kids be kids, shows them that anything is possible with a little creativity and confidence. The box took around 2 hours to make/use and we are both pretty impressed by the outcome.

Using the postage box for the pizza oven is a great way to reduce the waste, and makes us all feel good about subscribing to PeekyMe

The price is reasonable for a fun afternoon of activities, and youll have alot of stuff let of over to make other crafts in the future.

Sign up with PeekyMe to give your kids an afternoon of good old fashioned fun, creativity & learning. You wont be sorry with this one


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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box


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