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Postix Stickers “Oct 2019” Review





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  • Quality Products
  • Great For Kids
  • Bright & Colourful

Postix sends you a monthly dose of the sleekest sticker selection for your notebooks, planners and general decorating needs!

What is the price?

$15.00 AUD Per Month

What was included?

Above is the whole box contents

Individual Items:

Puffy & 3D Stickers

These are the best stickers in the pack, thick puffy stickers with a 3D feel

White Surround Stickers

A huge selection of stickers, my faves are the monsters in the bottom right corner, allowing kids to create their own monster

Large Stickers & Paperclips

The selection of large shiny stickers are cute and quality, paired with some bonus copper coloured paperclips, that are super creative.

Overall thoughts?

Wow im so impressed with the amount of stickers in this package!

So many bright, colourful and well themed sticker to choose from. At a price of $15 you’d be hard pressed to goto a shop and buy these for less than $30! Its a huge bargain.

We all love stickers and kids love them even more, and child would be so excited to receive a Postix subscription in the mail, and use stickers to decorate books, bags and all types of other items.

The stickers are also really high quality, no cheapo thin stickers, with the majority being thick or puffy stickers.

The Bonus paperclips are super cute and will be highly useful for keeping papers in order.

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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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