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Rewild Your Child – Aunt Matilda Review

ReWild Your Child July


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  • Quality Products
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  • Creative

What is this subscription box all about?

A box From: Aunt Matilda is no ordinary box. Carefully curated each month to a specific theme just opening the box is an experience. With clues on the outside of the box and a clue card inside to get everyone guessing that month’s adventure.

What is the price?

$38.50 AUD Per Month

What was included?

Above is the whole box contents

Individual Items:


Wooden Dragonfly

As Japan used to be called the Dragonfly Isles so this why a wooden dragonfly was included. As the dragonfly is carved in a special way to can balance on the tip of your finger.

Mount Fuji Snow

This is a jar of snow from Mount Fuji which is the tallest peak in Japan. Of course this is not real snow but you can still make a snowman or build a mini snow city. It has been made from baking soda and hair conditioner and I like that the ingredients have been shown on the jar.

Wooden Japanese skill toy

The Japanese skill toy has 3 cups and a spike connected to the ball with string. The aim is to get the ball in one of the cups and it is fun for all ages and requires persistent and patience.

Paper and calligraphy brush

Some paper and a brush have been included so you can try your hand at “shodo” which is a form of calligraphy.

Container with fork, spoon and chopsticks

The set has been made from wheat straw so it can be placed in your compost bin and it will decompose in 6 months. This is such a great idea as you can take it with you on a picnic or have it handy in your bag so you can avoid using plastic cutlery.

Origami paper

You can get creative with some origami. Instruction have been included so can make a fish and if you explore the internet there is so many available.

Overall thoughts?

Wow what an amazing box and I love that it does really feel like a special box sent from Aunt Matilda. There is a purpose for everything in the box and it is clearly stated what each thing is for and why it has been included. This is something that I appreciate in a box as sometimes you just have no idea why something has been put in the box.
Each item has an activity included that will keep the kids occupied for a while and also some adults entertained.

I like that it is not filled with items that will take 5 minutes to do and then it will around until you it get thrown out. Everything in the box is made from quality materials and toys and items that will last.

When I showed the kids the box they were very excited to explore what was in there and the favourite item so far is the wooden skill toy.

To me this is an awesome box that will keep children entertained and is worth every cent and is a box that I will happily keep subscribing to. Also as I am a relief teacher the box is full of activities and ideas that I can take with me to school and keep the little ones entertained.

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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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