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Gentlemans Box Classic “Oct 2019” Review

Gentlemans Box Classic

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  • Quality Products
  • Comfy socks
  • Great for men

From lifestyle essentials and grooming necessities, Gentleman’s Box will bring you everything you need to walk out the door as a savvy man.

What is the price?

$29.99 USD Per Month

What was included?

Above is the whole box contents

Individual Items:

Shades Club, Sunglasses & Case

A stylish pair of gold coloured rims. The brown lenses start off this months theme colour. Paired with a brown leather case to keep them nice & safe.

Capvisa Pain Relief Gel

A natural pain relieving gel, that actually does what it claims!

Mr Lapel Tie

A brown checker design luxury tie, it feels like really good quality

A.K Timepieces Watch

A water resistant, reflective coated leather band watch. With alloy case & quartz movements this watch is sure to up your style game.

Hitsu Socks

One pair of socks matching your tie! These socks are all designed by street artists giving each sock its own story. They are soft and look great.

Overall thoughts?

Well well, whoose that fancy looking man over there? He MUST have gotten this months Gentlemans Box!
This box is pretty impressive when it comes to style, cohesion and genuine good looks. All the items really go well together for a perfect outfit overhaul.

One beauty item is the perfect amount in my opinion, leaving most of the budget for stylish mens accessories. The glasses did have a lens popped out when it arrived, but it easily popped back in and is good to go.

The tie and socks merge really well and would be a sexy addition to any mens outfit.

I think the value is high, you’d pay well over $100 for all these items at a retail store, so buying a gentlemans box not only helps with style advice, but also saves the hip pocket

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