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Hello Fresh Oct 2021 Review

Hello Fresh


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  • Fresh, seasonal ingredients
  • Quick and easy-to-follow recipes
  • Swap recipes and choose your perfect menu

What is this subscription box all about?

HelloFresh delivers fresh, seasonal ingredients and
easy-to-follow recipes to your door each week so you
can cook quick, delicious and wholesome meals the
whole household will love. Whether you’re cooking for
two or feeding the whole family, there is a plan to suit
Select your plan preference and enjoy choosing your
perfect menu from a delicious selection of recipes each
week on your flexible plan.

What is the price?

$160 AUD Per Week

What was included?

This is all the supplies for 5 days of meals for 4 people

Individual Items:

Parmesan Crumbed Chicken Burger

This recipe was a pleasure to make, and even more of a pleasure to eat! Crumbing my own chicken with a panko crumb is a first for me, and ill never go back to store-bought schnitzels again. The crunch on this chicken was sublime and blew me away. The serving was perfect for 4 adults and made for a well-rounded filling meal. 10/10

Creamy Chicken & Bacon Pie

This pie came out a bit sloppy, but still quite tasty, and I think the slopiness was due to me leaving it in the oven too long. The cream needed for the pie was not supplied, but I did receive a packet of greek yogurt. It was a shame though as it didn’t seem to be enough, so lucky for me I had some spare cream in the fridge. The flavour was good, but I wouldn’t order this again. 7/10

Red Pesto & Veggie Risotto

Wow, this one was a hit in our household! I’ve never had red pesto before, and I’m now a convert. It was so jam-packed full of flavour and super filling so it could easily feed 4 adults. We are carnivores in our house, so i added 500G of chicken, and left out some of the green beans as there were an awful lot supplied. I’ve never made a baked risotto before, but the recipe made it easy and I pulled it off without a hitch! 10/10

Bacon & Pesto Fusilli

I was really looking forward to this one, as I love basil pesto. Sadly I didn’t really enjoy the flavour, and I’m not even sure why. It may be due to the missing cooking cream and the substitute of greek yoghurt. It was simple to make, and the portion sizes were huge, I think I could have fed 6 with this one. The apple salad was something different, but again not to my tastes. 5/10

Pork Steak & Gravy

Ooo la la, this one was another hit from the HelloFresh album. Super simple to whip up, but it’s the seasoning sachets that really bring it all to life. The veggies were so packed with garlic and herb seasoning they had us all going back for more. The pork was also nicely seasoned and super simple to make. We loved this recipe 9/10

The Finished Meals

Overall thoughts?

This was my first time trying a meal box service, and Hello Fresh did not disappoint.
The website made selecting the meals very easy, and I was glad I could see all the recipes and ingredients before locking myself into a meal for the week.

When my Hello Fresh box was delivered I was impressed with the packing of the ingredients. Everything was cold and in good condition. I was also impressed at how much food they provided and the quality of the produce.

Jumping into my first recipe on that Sunday night was a real treat, everything was portioned and ready to go, and the recipe card kept me on track with the steps and the tips helped me gauge where things might go wrong. Due to everything being pre-portioned there is no wastage, and there was even sometimes some left overs for tomorrows lunch!

Throughout the week I found myself not dreading dinner time like I usually do, as I knew it was already all organised and ready to cook up. I could just jump into it, get the cook done in half an hour, and get back to spending time with my loved ones.

Overall Ive been super surprised how much Hello Fresh impacted my life this week, taking the stress away from mealtimes and giving back delicious food and vital time to my family.

Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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