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Sakuraco Nov 2021 Subscription Box Review

Sakuraco Nov 2021

$37.50 USD








  • Great Selection
  • Quality brands


  • Odd Flavours

What is this subscription box all about?

Indulge in Japanese tea, sweets & snacks with monthly box Sakuraco. Delivered worldwide.

We source and deliver Japanese tea, sweets and snacks from local makers for you to enjoy. Take a unique snack journey around Japan with us.

What is the price?

$37.50 USD Per Month

What was included?

Individual Items:

Sweet Potato Karinto

These fries were quite crunchy and pretty sweet in flavour, a little bit too sweet for my liking

Kumamoto Castle Ginkgo Pie

This flaky and crunchy pastry made with ginko leaf powder was delicious

Kumamoto Castle Under the Moon Chestnut Manju x 2
Here we go with the beans, I have no idea why Japan thinks bean paste makes a good sweet treat. but I beg to differ.

Purple Imo Bread

It’s like a dry cake filled with purple sweet potato paste. The flavour and texture just didn’t seem right to me

Daimaru Senbei

This was like a huge rice cracker glazed with honey & soy, I was surprised at how this tasted, and the texture was great.

Brown Sugar Bolo

This brown sugar cake was dry and dense. The more I eat these Japanese cakes, the more I realise they like things overly sweet, yet with little flavour, and super dry.

Yawaraka Milk Cookie

Okay finally, something yummy! This is a white chocolate shortbread and it’s very soft in texture. It was super moreish and had a subtle white chocolate tatse.

Sweet Potato Monaka

This is a smooth sweet potato filling sandwiched between two wafers. I love sweet potato in most cases, but i find the wafers here to be soft and chewy and overall its sickly sweet

Brown Sugar Donuts

3 doughnuts in the box, i was sure these were going to be my favourite, but alas, super dry, crumbly and not super delicious

Honey Castella

Glad to see a cake here with some moisture left inside it, pretty subtle flavours, would be amazing with some jam & cream

Chestnut Baumkuchen

This cake is a thin strip rolled around & around, the texture was so cool and I really appreciate the way it’s made, but again it’s pretty tasteless.

Chestnut Manju

This little chestnut cake is a lot like the others, dry and not full of flavour

Spring Autumn Rabbit Owan Bowl

A thin plastic bowl perfect for green tea or soup

Fukamushi Green Tea x2

2 bags of authentic Japanese green tea

Chestnut Jelly

Yum… I thought, chestnut jelly, but no they had to go and put beans inside it. I’m an Aussie, we like beans on toast or next to a steak, not in something sweet

Amanatsu Citrus Jelly

A nice refreshing way to cleanse the palette after all the sickly sweet items above

Overall thoughts?

This box shipped from Japan in less time than it takes to come across Australia, I actually don’t even understand how they got it here so quickly, it blows my mind

So I’ve had Sakuraco before, and I was a bit perplexed with all the sweet beans and odd flavours. This month was chestnut and sweet potato themed, and as I like both of those ingredients I thought this could be a winner.
While there were a few snacks I didn’t mind, I found myself feeling a little sickly from all the sweet flavours and very very dry from all the lack of moisture in these items.

As I said last time, I think everyone should try this box to see how it fits on them, some people have a developed and mature palette that would really enjoy this international flavour experience.
This box is a cultural revelation, showing us how different flavours are really the cornerstone of each different country, and how we westerners really enjoy the things we are used to.

Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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