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Tis’ The Summer 2021 Subscription Box Review

Tis The Summer 2021

$89.95 AUD








  • Great Selection
  • Quality brands
  • Plenty Of Items
  • Well themed

What is this subscription box all about?

‘Tis the box comes out every season – that’s four times a year – Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

Each and every way, ‘tis the box will contain a minimum of $275 retail value of the most up to date, must-have products in health, beauty & lifestyle.

What is the price?

$89.95 AUD Per Month

What was included?

Individual Items:

Celderma Blueberry Masks

A box of 10 refreshing masks, all individually packaged and ready to slap on your hot face this summer

Des Vu Sonic Toothbrush

Wow a huge value item, that feels like luxury! The silicone head feels weird in the mouth, but my teeth feel squeaky clean

Oompi Cocktail Shaker

Gotta love a gold cocktail shaker just it time for drinks this summer

Oompi Coconut Bowl

This bowl feels so shiny and smooth, would be great to take out by the pool the summer and fill with your fave snacks

NEOGEN Dermalogy Maxicara

Wow this is a cool mascara, it doesn’t have a brush like your normal mascara does, it’s like a metal wand and spread the products better than ever before. what a crazy innovation! Impressed

Bonus Mini Toothpaste

This item wasnt even listed on the box contents, so its a little bonus toothpaste so you can try our your banging new toothbrush

‘tis the throw

This feels so luxurious and will be perfect for beach or picnic times this summer. The bag is a super great idea so it can be easily packed away and ready to go next time you need it

GENERATION SKIN De-Puff Matcha Green Tea Eye Patches

60 matcha under eye patches in the jar here, super soft and a dream to apply. Not to mention another huge value item

Overall thoughts?

Woohoo! Value? Summer? Stylish? You can tick off all the boxes with the summer Tis the box.

I’m super impressed with the quality and selection of this box. Everything has its place, no samples or filler products that really don’t match the boxes theme. Each item is thoughtfully chosen and is completely useable this summer.

Not to mention everything has a high price tag, so you really are getting a huge value on this one.

My favourite thing was the fact that they have 6 unique boxes to choose from, so I was able to really customise the box to things that I knew I would use instead of getting a lot of items that will just sit in a cupboard somewhere.

Well done Tis the 10/10

Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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