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Zenpop March 2022 Sweet Pack Reveal

What is this subscription box all about?

Green Matcha Dream

Matcha, one of Japan’s most special teas is the key ingredient to this month’s snack box! Chocolate
and the world famous matcha-flavored KitKats are all in your box.

What is the price?

$30 USD Per Month

What was included?

Individual Items:

Glico Bitte Matcha Chocolat

Couque D’asses Matcha Chocolate
from Sanritsu

KitKat Matcha from Nestlé

Ring Financier Matcha from Igetadou

Yusha no Gaburichu from Meiji

Awaawa Bombar Lemon Soda from

Umaibo Vege Salad Flavor from

Lifeguard Paste Candy from Coliss

Green Mame Wasabi Flavor from

Ramune Chocobi Cocoa flavor from

Green Apple Mochi from Kyoshin

Green Apple Gum from Marukawa

Takenoko no Sato Mini from Meiji

Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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