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Zenpop Stationery Pack April 2022

Zenpop Stationery 2022

$53 AUD






  • Impeccably styled
  • High quality items
  • Something new

What is this subscription box all about?

This month is Sakura month in most of Japan! The cherry trees are about to bloom and there’ll be very little time to
enjoy them. Going out to the park to appreciate the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms is called Hanami in
Japanese, and this pack is here to celebrate this unique experience!

What is the price?

$53 AUD Per Month

What was included?

Individual Items:

  • Luna x Sakura Original Masking Tape
  • Study Planner Flat Case A6 Size from Iroha
  • Soebumi Sen from Furukawa Shiko (notepad)

  • Sakura Stand Memo Pad from MindWave (sticky notes)
  • Spring Style Hannari Sticker from Active Cooperation
  • Shikiori Marker from Sailor
  • Sakura 2 Colors Ball-point Pen from Japanmug

  • Spring Card from Sanrio
  • Sakura Kirie from Yoyo (folding papers)

Overall thoughts?

Another great themed box from Zenpop this month. Heavily influenced by the Japanese cherry blossoms everything is pretty in pink for this box. As always the materials are super high quality as are all Japanese stationery goods.
Notable items this time are the spring greeting card. super cool and cute, we have nothing as fancy or pretty here in the card world.
The folding paper comes in a variety of pink shades so you can fold and create your own designs in origami.
As always the boxes are well thought out, impeccably themed and a joy to unpack. Great job Zenpop

Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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