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Inspired Box Review – July 2018

Inspired Box


Amount Of Items


Range Of Items







  • Quality Items
  • Stones & Crystals
  • Inner health promotion


  • Not many things to actually use
  • DVD is a very old medium

What is this subscription box all about?

INSPIRED Subscription Box is delivered monthly to your door, presenting you with vibrational, physical, emotional and mental healing products, natural therapies, methods and tools to incorporate into your everyday, modern life.

A mix of vibrational, physical, emotional & mental healing products & therapies.
Emerging healing products & therapies, as well as old favourites.
In every box there is an inspiring Book, CD, DVD, stationary or cards.
Informational cards accompany most products, making it easy to learn and apply.

What is the price?

$44.00 AUD Per Month

What was included

The Secret DVD

Wow who even has a dvd player anymore? Not me! This feature length movie show you how to achieve “The Secret”

Australian Pink Clay

Powdered pink clay used to make a face mask. It can be paired with the floral water included in the box to mix up a decadent but mild face mask

Carnelian Heart Pendant

Wear this pendant to carry your wishes and desires with you. The quality is nice and its very pretty

Carnelian Tumbled Stone & Orange Candle

Carnelian stone grounds you and anchors you to the present moment.

Sacral Chakra Oil Blend

Blend of orange, indian sandalwood, neroli & coconut oil. You can use as a face or body oil, or in an infuser

Orange Blossom Infused Floral Water

Utilise this floral water to bring peace around you. Its smells divine and is very refreshing

Mookaite Raw Crystal

This crystal is supposed to balance your inner and outer experiences. Its light and pretty.

Carnelian Crystal Jar

A small jar or crystals, its only around 10cm high, and i’m not sure what I could do with this

Overall thoughts?

This box is a bit different from anything i’ve had before, it focuses on stones to make you feel different ways. Personally I don’t believe these stones affect my inner self, so they are basically just a decorative piece to display in my home.

The large mookaite crystal is pretty and unique, i’ve happily displayed this on a table in my home.

The pink clay mask really appeals to me, as it makes my skin soft, using natural ingredients instead of toxic chemicals.

The secret dvd is a bit old for my liking, its been out for many many years now, and personally I don’t own a DVD player anymore as everything is digital these days, I feel a digital download would have been a better choice.

Overall I’m not in love with this box, but that’s only my preference. The items just don’t really appeal to my down to earth soul. The pricing is reasonable for the amount of items received. Its hard to put a price on stones and crystals but if your into that type of things you’ll really enjoy the Inspired subscription box

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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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