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Red Moon Parcels “June 2019” Review

Red Moon Parcels June


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  • Quality Products
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What is this subscription box all about?

Red Moon Parcels curate period subscription boxes and pamper gifts monthly and deliver them to your door.

Periods can be tough on our bodies and emotions. We put up with cramps, bloating, headaches, moodiness, depression & some very inconvenient bleeding – all while pushing through with work, study, caring for children, exercising & socialising.

Red Moon Parcels are here to remind you to take care of yourself. Take a step back, relax and do something kind for yourself. We all know you bloody-well deserve it!

What is the price?

$29.90 AUD Per Month

What was included

This is the whole box contents

Tea Tonic Teabags

 9 teabags including 3 Relaxation Tea, 3 Turmeric, Beetroot and Ginger Tea and 3 G.L.E.W ( ginger, lemongrass, echinacea, white tea)

Tsuno Sanitary Products

 I choose regular and super tampons. Tsuno tampons are made from certified organic cotton.

Red Moon Parcels Natural Relief Bath Flakes 300g

 Magnesium baths are beneficial for overall health and can assist with muscles and nerve issues.

Alter Eco Coconut Toffee Chocolate

 80g bar of 47% cocoa organic chocolate with a toasty buttery crunch.

Golden Grind Turmeric Latte Blend

 Vegan and caffeine free drink with no added sugar. Just add half a teaspoon to your favourite hot milk or get creative and add to smoothies, desserts or cooking.

Golden Grind Turmeric Face Scrub

Sample size (5g) vegan, organic and 100% natural face scrub that is suited to all skin types.

War Botanicals Headache Balm

This is a bonus item as this is the first box I ordered. This is a blend of beeswax, soya bean oil and essential oils that you apply to your temples to ease headaches.

Overall thoughts?

This is a great box that does give you all the items to help you get through that time of the month. Some items that are necessary, some items that are helpful and some that are just indulgent.

Having some natural options to help with pain is a great addition. I always have a magnesium bath to help with restless legs as I find it very helpful and menstrual headaches are also common and I would prefer a natural remedy rather than going straight to medication.

I have just discovered Tea Tonic so I’m happy to have some new flavours to try out and they are also an Australian brand and who doesn’t love a lovely warm cuppa tea. The tampons included is not a brand that I have tried before but they look like they are good quality and added points for being organic cotton.

I am really happy that I have discovered this box and I am even more happy that all the products in the box are useful and relevant to helping you out when you are getting your period and some self care products that allows you to have some quality relaxing me time.

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