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Uptown Girls Box Review – Aug 2017

Uptown Girls Subscription Box


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  • All Organic Products
  • Pampering Products
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  • Value Could Be Higher

What is this subscription box all about?

Uptown girls is a monthly period box! It might sound a bit icky, but all us girls suffer this monthly curse and this box just makes it a little easier! Its all natural goodness with no nasty chemicals or additives. Each month you get a selection of Tampons, Pads and some other goodies to make you feel a bit better when Aunt Flow is in town!

You can choose to receive Chemical-Free, Organic Cotton Tampons in regular or super (16) or Pads (10). You will also receive Organic Cotton Night Pads (5).

What is the price?

$25 Monthly – Unsubscribe Any Time

What was included?

Organyc Cotton Tampons (16 Pack) – Rrp $7.00

Cotton organic tampons have Approximately 8 g Absorbency and are Suitable for Light Flow. They are made with 100% Organic Cotton and are a must have for environment conscious woman as these are fully biodegradable

Bakedown Cakery Chocolate Block – Toasty Flavour – Rrp $12.00

OMG yum!!! Not to mention beautiful! this is the best block of chocolate ive ever seen! I was so shocked when i peeled back the silver lining to find a caramel looking block of chocolate with splashes of edible colour on the outside! This flavour was called Toasty and its a caramelised white chocolate! It was so tasty and i smashed the whole block in a matter of hours! I HIGHLY recommend this stuff, although the $12 price tag is a bit high!  Each block is hand tempered and decorated, which means no two blocks are the same.

Organic Cotton Night Pads – 5 pack – Rrp $4.00

Organic Pads are ideal for women who want to avoid any contact with synthetic materials on the skin and feel fresh, safe and clean, while choosing a hypo-allergenic product without any negative effect on the environment.

Pauly & Co Organic Hormone Tea – Rrp $4.00

A beautiful loose leaf tea blend that helps calm the nerves and stresses that come along with being a woman and having hormones! Simply whip up a cup, and let the relaxing begin

Ingredients: Organic chamomile, organic ginger, organic peppermint, organic fennel, organic raspberry lead, organic lemon balm, organic pink rose petals, organic red clover, organic nettle.

Overall thoughts?

This is a really lovely idea! There is nothing we can do to escape the monthly red monster, but having a few treats to make you feel good about yourself really helps! Not to mention these Pads & tampons are all natural, so you don’t get any nasties like with the bigger brands like Libra etc.

The mere fact you wont need to send your boyfriend on the walk of shame to buy your feminine products is a monthly marvel! Just sign up and each month you’ll get all the products you need to deal with your period, plus a few feel good treats for yourself! Its a win win I say!

For the low price of $25 a month, and with an in-box product value of $27 this wont break the bank whatsoever

Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box


  1. Can I order this for my girlfriend? anything to help, and stop her from turning into a monster once a month! hahah I do love her!

    1. You sure can Damian! Im sure she would really appreciate that! What a great boyfreind you are, keep on supporting your girlfriend!

  2. Pretty cool idea, that chocolate looks so tasty

  3. Now i cant get the uptoen girls song out of my head lol

  4. Thanks for the link, im going to try this box

  5. Love love love this idea!

  6. That chocolate looks amazing, id get this box for that alone!

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