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Peture Perfect Box Review

Peture Perfect

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The Peture Perfect Box Is A Surprise Delivery Of Handmade Items Featuring Your Very Own Pet. You supply them with an image of your pet and they work the magic!

What is the price?

$16.00 USD Per Month

What was included?

Above is the whole box contents

Individual Items:

Two Cards With Envelopes

As you can tell my pooch is named Luna, she is Jack Russell cross, and shes a princess! These cards really capture her likeness and will be lovely to send to friends.

Cotton Shopping Bag

My next shopping trip will be full of questions “is that your cute pooch!”, useful and well made the bag also features my cutie pooch Luna

This is the image I supplied them with

I think the rendering is quite lovely, keeps all the personality of my perfect little pooch

Overall thoughts?

Well im more than impressed with my first ever Peture Perfect box! I think time and care was taken to make sure the image really looks and feels like my dog Luna.

The items are cute, and well made. I think the price is reasonable as it takes some time and money to make customised items for each subscriber.

If your a pet lover like myself, you’ll be chuffed when your custom pet items arrive! Time to start showing these off to anyone that will listen! Thanks Peture Perfect!

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