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Ugly Box “Dec 2019” Subscription Box Review

Ugly Box December 2019


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Every month we fill the Uglyboxes with a mix of the best toys, enrichment and balls for your dog. Only using the freshest treats from Australia and New Zealand we keep the quality high with a focus on the most natural treats possible. No nasties!

What is the price?

$45.00 AUD Per Month

What was included?

Above is the whole box contents

Individual Items:

Plush Donutz Squeak Toy & Tug A Jug

2 high quality toys for you pooch, specifically targeted to your dogs size

Simple Nibbles Pet Treats, Veal Tails & Pilchards

Natural dog treats, with natural biodegradable packaging

Hmmm Whats In Here

Discovering my UGLYBOX

Happy Pooch

Proud girl standing next to her Uglybox

Overall thoughts?

So Luna (Our pooch) just loves getting gifts like we all do! She was super excited and bouncing around when i unveiled this box and showed her the goodies inside!

The box contained 2 toys, and 2 treats for her to enjoy. The first toy was a plush toy donut. I has no stuffing inside, instead its filled with 2 half circle squeakers. Luna loves toys that squeak so she was very impressed with this one. It feels very durable and well made.

The second toy is a Tug-a-jug. The idea is you fill the bottle with small dry food pellets, or treats, and while its being played with the fall out and make a happy surprise! You can check out our unboxing video below to see more on how that works. Again its a well made and durable toy, with an interesting way of working ive never seen before. Combining Lunas 2 loves, eating and playing is a winner in our household.

Along with the toys we got two bags of treats. One was the veal tails, which almost looked like vampire stakes haha but obviously smell great to a dog because Luna made off with her treat and devoured it within minutes. I love that they are all natural with no nasties, so i feel no guilt in giving her the treat she deserves!

A bag of pilchards is the other treat we received, its weird because when you think of dogs, you dont necessarily think fish! But Luna loves these too!

Overall the box was well thought out, and targeted to my dogs specific size and capabilities. At only $45 a month i think this box is a great way to show your pup the same love they give us everyday!

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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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