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Candy Japan Review – April 2018

Candy Japan Box

$29.00 USD

Amount Of Items


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Overall Thoughts



  • Yummy snacks
  • New foods ideas
  • Japan only snacks


  • Small box
  • Delivered twice a month

What is this subscription box all about?

Candy Japan is a Japanese candy snack box sent to you twice a month directly from Japan.  Each box typically contains 2 – 4 items, depending on their size.

What is the price?

$29.99 USD for 2 boxes Per Month

What was included


Two small sweet pancake sandwiches with chocolate “cream” inside. Very Yummy and soft to the tooth

Ko Ume GUMMY Candy – Sour Plum

Ume (plum) blossom shaped gummy candies that are delightful to eat! These have a slightly salty and sour taste with a true sweet plum flavor.

Matcha Green Tea Mochi Tirol Chocolate

7 mini green tea chocolates filled with mochi green tea flavour, not my cup of tea!

Bourbon Petite Matcha Choc Chip Cookies

Mini cookies flavoured with green tea matcha flavour, and choc chips! I didnt think id like these, but before I knew it the pack was gone!

Bourbon Otona Petite Cheese

Rice cracker with cheese and wasabi flavour.

Overall thoughts?

So the way this box works is you pay your $29, and you get 2 small boxes per month! This is only one of the boxes, so it only half of what you should expect.

The food was mostly yummy, with some sweet and some savoury to enjoy. I would probably prefer the whole lot delivered in one big box, instead of waiting for the second half.

It also says on their site that you get an email explaining the items, but i didnt get that, so it was a bit of a guessing game.

The cookies were my favourite and completely Japanese in nature, we dont get green tea cookies here!

I think this is good value with the shipping included, and id happily get this box again

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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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