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Gnibl Box Review – Aug 2017

Gnibl Box


Amount Of Items


Range Of Items




Overall Thoughts



  • So much to choose from
  • Healthy options at work
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Option to remove items you dont like


  • Some items werent very nice

What is this subscription box all about?

Gnibl Box is a subscription service for offices of other businesses, they send out a HUGE selection of healthy snacks to be placed in the workplace for employees to snack on rather than your usual sugar loaded snack choices! They can deliver weekly, fortnightly or monthly and they add new snacks to the box each month to keep things interesting! They even offer a small honesty box that you can put with the snacks asking employees to donate cash for each snack they eat, keep the costs low for the business! If you find there is items in the box you dont like, you can email them and they wont send you that particular snack again

What is the price?

$75 for a box of 24 snacks, there are bigger boxes containing 50, 100 or even 200 snacks available!

What was included?

Overall thoughts?

Wow this box was so packed with snacking glory I barely know where to start! Being that there was 24 snacks inside i wont be reviewing all of them, but ill let you know a few of my favourite items and what I didn’t really enjoy!

The popcorn from cobs would have to be my ultimate favourite! Its completely free of nasties and additives and it really tasted like the best popcorn ive ever had! not to mention there were no un-popped kernels in the bag which i really appreciated!

The We Love Nuts packet from harvest box was another winner in my eyes, a rich selection of nuts full of flavour and yummy goodness!

The Jerky from Canterbury Bitlong was so delish! Not too hard and not too soft, with a nice moderate chilli tang! The bag was consumed by me and my partner and was gone in under 2 minutes! we do love jerky in this house!

I tried the Loving earth raw organic mint chocolate and to be honest it didnt really agree with me! I am a self confessed choc-a-holic and this just really didnt taste like chocolate to me, it had that distinct carob flavour that I really dont enjoy…

I was pretty excited to try the Harvest Box Banana Smoothie Health Bombs, but again they just werent to my liking. I thought they would be kind of like those little apricot balls you get from the canteen at school, but to me these tasted more like a banana thats been in the bottom of a school bag for months!

All in all the selection was huge, the range unique and the packaging was really appealing on nearly all the items! Im sure in any workplace you would have a treat to meet everyones needs, and seeing as you can request to leave out things you dont like its a winner all around! The price of $75 seems reasonable, it works out to be around $3 per snack which is less than you would pay for these custom items in a store.

The Gnibl Box is a must have for all modern work places who want quality made healthy snacks, to keep their workers happy and healthy long term! No sugar rushes here, just natural yummy snacks!

Want to try a Gnibl Box? Just sign up through this link

Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box


  1. This would be perfect for my workplace! all we have is a vending machine with loads of fattening crap inside! Ill be showing this review to my boss, in hopes he will start getting this for my workplace. Excellent review!

  2. HaroldChief

    Whoa what a selection, perfect for my workplace, thanks ill be having a look at this

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