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Harvest Box Review – Aug 2017

Harvest Box Subscription


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  • Healthy
  • Big range to choose from
  • Able to remove items you dont like


  • Leaves you wanting more!

What is this subscription box all about?

Harvest box is a subscription service offering a selection of healthy snacks such as dried berries, nuts, seeds and crackers.

The box can be shipped out weekly or monthly depending on your preference. These boxes have only healthy snacks so you can feel guilt free about your daily snacking .
After receiving your box you can you can tell them what you love and what you dislike by rating each mix (in Whats On The Menu). This means you will receive the mixes you love more often and none of the mixes you hate.
Each Harvest Box contains four punnets – each of which weighs an average of 40g

What is the price?

Harvest box comes at a minimal price of 7.95 per box

What was included?

Totally USA – Dried fruit & Nut Mix – Cranberries, roast almonds & lightly-salted roast peanuts 

Roasted Pistachios – Shell-roasted, lightly-salted pistachios

Go Bananas Seed & trail Mix – Banana chips, goji berries, dark chocolate, pepitas & sunflower seeds

Dinosaur Eggs Crackers – Yoshino crackers (contains peanuts & gluten)

Overall thoughts?

I really enjoyed testing this box, for someone who doesn’t usually eat dried fruit or seeds I found them really yummy and Moorish! They always seem to add a little sweetness into each punnet by adding dried fruits or dark chocolate into the mix with seeds or other healthy options.

I wouldn’t usually touch sunflower seeds or pepita but when its paired with the goji berries and dark chocolate it was very tasty indeed!
Value wise I think you get a fair amount of product for a small fee of $7.95. That would barely cover the postage cost to be honest so think this is a really fair deal!

New snackers, try your first Harvest Box for free & get a 25% discount on your second!

Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Harvest Box


  1. Katerina LANZONI

    Hello, My name is Katerina Lanzoni. I was wondering if it is possible to receive a sample off your products. I am only on a carers pension and can not afford to buy something yet, but woulud love to try first.

    Thank you.
    Katerina Lanzoni

    1. Hi Katerina, You can grab your first box FREE by clicking the links in this post! We know youll love it and want to keep your subscription long term =)

  2. Great post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a little more on how the items tasted?

  3. I love that they have the first box free, makes this really approachable

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