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Japan Fun Box Review – May 2018

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Japan Fun Box

$34.98 USD

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  • Fun New Food
  • Good selection of items
  • Something for everyone
  • Japan Specific


  • none!

What is this subscription box all about?

GET FUN and CRAZY JAPANESE CANDY AND SNACKS MONTHLY!! Japanfunbox is a monthly subscription service that delivers to your doorstep with free shipping wordwide!

What is the price?

$34.98 USD Per Month


What was included

This is the whole box contents

Overall thoughts?

There was sooo many goodies in this box i couldn’t possible speak about them all, but ill list a few of my favourites and give some feedback on them.

The Tomas candy was delicious, much like a grape zappo we get here in Australia.

The Kinako Mochi was very different from anything we have here, it was similar to a wafer but softer and covered in a soft sugary powder.

The Despicable Me chocolates were banana inside and were yummy and moreish!

The Pocky was by FAR my favourite item, its a biscuit stick dipped in chocolate, if you haven’t tasted Pocky i highly recommend you get some ASAP!

The Noken Beeno was a pea flavoured chip, absolutely amazing and i wish we had something similar here, i devoured the packed it no time!

The Toppo was another of my ultimate faves, its a biscuit stick with a custard like substance in the middle! It tasted amazing although i couldn’t put my finger on what it tasted like exactly.

Overall this box offered so many different flavours and new tastes for the Aussie consumer that i would definitely get it again. The excitement factor is a joy in itself, trying new ideas and things we have never heard of here.

They included a paper with all the snacks explained so there wasn’t a shock when trying an item.

Top notch subscription box with something for every palette


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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box


One thought on “Japan Fun Box Review – May 2018

  1. Amount Of Items


    Range Of Items




    Overall Thoughts


    I just received my first Japan fun box and it was awesome! I’m still going through it, trying just one to two treats per day, and my favourite by far is the Caramel Corn. Looks like a small bag but I got 2 days out of it. It’s crammed full and tastes amazing. This is the first time I have ever bought a subscription box and it looks like a picked a beauty!!

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