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Munchpak “March 2019” Review


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  • Quality Products
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What is this subscription box all about?

Inside every MunchPak are the coolest and best tasting snacks from around the world. Each delivery, we’ll surprise you with a hand-picked assortment of sweet, sour, salty, and savory snacks.

What is the price?

$13.95 USD Per Month

What was included

This is the whole box contents

Cardi B – Rap Snacks

These chips were packed with flavour! Spicy and delicious!

7 Days – Soft Croissants

Wow we dont have anything like this here, the vanilla filling was so moreish and yummy, it was over far to quickly, id love another one of these

Choco Sand – Cookies

Fairly strong smelling of rum, i dont like alcohol so i gave these to a family member to try and they said YUM!

Efrutti – Monkey Party

So soft and full of flavour, these gummies really hit the spot

Roasted Corn Sticks

These are crazy, they tested so much like creamed corn, i adore them, crispy crunchy and amazing

Lotte Koalas

The filling of these koalas was a caramel flavour, it was weird but kind of nice. A bit undecided on these ones

Cola BonBon

Delicious strong cola flavour in a hard candy

Mr Tom Peanut Bar

Nom Nom this peanut bar was brilliant, packed with nutty flavour and sweet enough too.

Galil Cranberry & Apple Tea

I dont drink tea, but the packet looked nice. Dont feel this item went along with the theme of the box

Milka Oreo Sandwich Bar

What an idea! 2 of my fave chocolate items smushed together to form a delicious snack! This bar was gone in 60 seconds

Overall thoughts?

Wow, ive never had a Muchpak box before, but i was SO pleased with the goodies i got! Ive had many snack boxes before and they all have at least one item in them i haven’t liked. This box had nothing yucky, everything was so delicious and lots of new tastes to try! Nothing was broken or badly packaged, Muchpak is jam packed with colour, flavour and wonder! Its a must have for snack lovers

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