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Munchpak Original “May 2019” Review

Munckpak May 2019

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What is this subscription box all about?

Inside every MunchPak are the coolest and best tasting snacks from around the world. Each delivery, we’ll surprise you with a hand-picked assortment of sweet, sour, salty, and savory snacks.

What is the price?

$13.95 USD Per Month

What was included

This is the whole box contents

Cadina Texas Fries

Crunchy, yummy, tomato flavoured goodness. Not very spicy as i had expected from the word Texas in the title, but still delicious

Delicitos Pizza Snacks

Meant to taste like pizza crusts. Im not sure the taste like that but they were still yummy, a flavour i cant even describe as ive never tasted anything quite like it

Coris Fruit & Honey Chews

Well i cant taste even a hint of honey, but they were yummo! Kind of like the mentos we get here in Australia.

Milkita Chocolate Shake Candy

Again these dont taste like a chocolate shake! But they were okay. A bit weak in flavour, but very chewy and there was like 30 in the bag!

Pop Kek With Lemon

Mmmm this has such a strong lemon taste which i loved. Its like a cake with icing and lemon filling, id happily devour another one of these!

Whole Grain Cheese Bar

This was so odd, haha we dont have anything to compare this to in Australia. It was kind of sweet like it had yoghurt in it, but with a cheese flavour. Weird yet moreish!

Mui Bon Hazelnut Bar

Okay i saw the word hazelnut and i was thinking Kinder bueno bar right away! This was not like that whatsoever, a bit dry and very little hazelnut flavour


If your an Aussie and you havent tried smarties, where have you been? We get these here in Australia, in every party bag or Easter known to man.

Festy Vanilla Cookies

The title of these cracked me up, because here “festy” means like gross or festering, so the name didnt bring great appeal, however these were nice and strong with vanilla flavour and yummy crumbly cookies. Delish

Princessa Salted Caramel Wafer Bar

Im not a big fan of salted caramel or wafer, so to no surprise i didnt like this at all. Probably the least liked item in the box. Pity

Asparagus Mini Biscuits

When i first saw these i thought asparagus flavoured biscuits, yuck! But i think the idea is they are just shaped like asparagus and the flavour is black sesame. They were crunchy and quite nice but without a strong flavour

Overall thoughts?

Muchpak is one of my all time fave boxes, i love trying new foods from around the world, as alot of them are hugely different from what we get here! This box didnt disappoint, with some sweet, some savoury and some crunchy goodies. The box is great value at only $14 USD its something everyone can afford to splash out on. The 2 different types of chips were my favourite this month, which is odd because im usually a sweet tooth. I cant wait until my next Munchpak adventure! Until then guys xox

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