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My Japan Box Food Review May 2018

My Japan Box - Food

$29.99 AUD

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  • Fun New Food
  • Great Selection
  • Value For Money
  • Something For Everyone
  • Japanese Unique


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What is this subscription box all about?

My Japan Box hand selects items from the Japanese market place and sends them to you monthly in one handy box! This is the FOOD BOX ,You will find in it a mix of Candy, Snacks, Tea, Kit Kats & Ramen

What is the price?

$29.99 AUD Per Month

What was included

This is the whole box contents

Calbee Vege Taberu Veggie Chips

Vege-Taberu from Calbee contains lots of vegetables and has three different flavours in each package.

Green – sweet green pepper & spinach
Yellow – sweet yellow pepper & pumpkin
Red – red sweet pepper, tomato & carrot

These aren’t too salty, spicy or oily but very crispy and fun to eat. They have a consistency like a prawn cracker, melt in the mouth delicious!

Hi Chew Apple Fruit Chews 

Individually-Wrapped Candies that at first and feels and tastes like bubble gum, but becomes softer and softer after chewing. The apple flavour is strong and sweet, they are remnant of the toffee apple lollies we have here in Australia. This was my favourite item in this box

Caplico Atama

These are called Caplico Atama, which means “Caplico heads.”Caplico is usually offered in an ice cream cone shape but now Glico has turned the amazing snack into small chocolates! 12 mini fluffy bits inside just brimming with strawberry chocolate flavor. Super delicious, creamy and something you totally cant buy in Australia!

Tohato Beano Green Pea Snack

These fluffy and crunchy corn pea snacks are made by Tohato. They taste so good! The snacks are pea flavoured and lightly dusted with sea salt. taste just like peas roasted over an open fire. These lightly crunchy puffs are made from a powder made from grinded green peas.Pretty delicious, not too salty. Yum!

Nakano Bussan kelp Uji green tea

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a snack or what, I haven’t been game to put any in my mouth as its smells and looks horrible! lol Japan is so much more adventurous than us Aussies, anything with kelp and green tea in the name just does not appeal to me personally


These to me smelt like a pretzel. They have a similar taste to a pretzel but with a sugary coating. Not very yummy, but not bad either.

Jelly Candies

2 packs of jelly style candies with no information for me to search. The flavours were weird and i couldn’t put my finger on what it was. The texture was horrid. cant love everything i suppose.

Nut Mix

I couldn’t find any info for these either, its like a traditional nut mix with some dried crunch things inside

Bourbon Petit Prawn Crackers

Crunchy, bite-size rice crackers with a burst of prawn flavour! These crackers are made from starch and rice flour, then seasoned with prawn and seaweed seasoning. The flavour is so strong, way stronger than the ones we get here in Australia. They smell like actual live prawns! Something different

Nissin Nakiryu Dan Dan Ramen Noodles Bowl

An instant noodle bowl from japan. It was creamy, rich, tasty – just like a ramen broth should be. One of the best cup noodles ive ever had the broth makes it magic.

Kit Kat Strawberry

These Strawberry Chocolate mini bars have a full, sweet strawberry flavoured chocolate taste. The crunchy wafer biscuit is covered with strawberry dyed white chocolate. Between the wafer layers there are thin strawberry chocolate layers as well! Sweet and classic

Kabaya Jyu C Soda Sherbet Candy

A blast of Japanese cider soft drink in candy form! Each tablet-style candy has boiled sweet pieces sprinkled within. The flvour is similar to lemonade, but its very mild. I didn’t appreciate the texture, it was a bit chalky and dry

Overall thoughts?

What a great selection of items from all categories, I’m a sweet tooth personally so of course my favourite items were the Hi Chews and the Caplico chocolates! They were delicious and something you cant get here in Australia. The box was well packed and designed, with a little something to suit everyone.

I think the price is very reasonable as it also includes world wide shipping. We get so excited when My Japan Box turns up each month, eager and excited to see what international delights have been chosen for the box!

I only wish they would provide a sheet with info on each product, so you have an idea of what your trying

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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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