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Sakuraco March 2021 Subscription Box Review

Sakuraco March 2021


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  • New things to try
  • Lots of items
  • Weird flavours
  • Re-usable item


  • Repetitive items

What is this subscription box all about?

Sakuraco is ​a ​monthly subscription box full of 20 different traditional Japanese sweets,
snacks, and teas sent to our subscribers worldwide every month. ​It’s our passion to share
the experience of authentic Japan throughout the world ​. ​Sakuraco boxes come with a
different theme every month, allowing you to discover various sides of Japanese culture

Take a unique snack journey around Japan with us to enjoy Authentic Japanese Treats & traditional snacks

What is the price?

$37.50 USD Per Month

What was included?

Above is the whole box contents

Individual Items:

Red Bean Taiyaki, Sakura Madeleine, Strawberry Dorayaki & Sakura Monaka

The Strawberry Dorayaki pancake is nice and sweet, without many other strong flavours. It was ok
The Red Bean Taiyaki fish cake tasted very similar to the pancake, its pretty dry with not much flavour coming from the red bean centre, I think it would be nice with some whipped cream.
The Sakura Madeleine red cupcake was nice with the weirdest flavour I can’t even describe. you’ll have to subscribe to sakuraco box and find out yourself
The Sakura Monaka wafer wasn’t very crispy, and I didn’t enjoy the texture in the middle. It was very sticky and sweet

Mini Sakura Senbei, Sakura Shrimp Senbei, Sakurasen Cracker & Sasaki Confectionery

Here we have 3 varieties of crackers & some sweet candy. All are displayed on the small plate that is apart of the box.
The crackers are all very crispy and crunchy with a very strong shrimp flavour. If you like shrimp you will enjoy these.
The Sasaki Confectionery candies are very sweet, and have a flavour of floral & cherry Blossom

Sweet Sakura Tea, Yoshino Kuzumochi, RN Sakura Mochi Monak & Sakura Strawberry Crepe Roll

The Sakura Strawberry Crepe Roll is the nicest thing in the box, a lovely strawberry flavour and a firm crispness.
The Sweet Sakura Tea tea is perhaps the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, it’s a wet flower infused with flavour which you steep in a cup of tea. Very different…..
The pastry on the RN Sakura Mochi Monak is nice and savoury, but again with the red bean filling?
The Yoshino Kuzumochi is too far out of my comfort zone to even taste. Sorry guys

Okayama White Peach Castella, Uji Matcha Castella, Strawberry Castella & Peach Sandwich

The Uji Matcha Castella is soft and spongy, tastes strongly like matcha
The White Peach Castella is also soft and spongy, and it legitimately tastes like a fresh peach
The Peach Sandwich melts in your mouth and is delicious with a sugary and genuine peach flavour
The Strawberry Castella seems a bit stale, but nice flavours that are not very strong

Overall thoughts?

Wow-what an experience. If you are after an adventure this box has just that. I have a pretty simple basic Aussie palette and for me, this ride had some huge ups and downs. The flavours just aren’t what we are used to here and it really was an eye-opener about how different cultures have such vastly different tastes.

Do yourself a favour and take this box for a test drive, you may find some new flavour profiles you have never experienced before.

I think for the price the box is of great value, with so many different items to try. This box had 17 different pieces. The range could have been a bit more varied, as I felt like everything had red bean paste inside it.

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