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Treat Crate “Feb 2020” Subscription Box Review

Treat Crate Feb 2020






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  • Different
  • Adventurous
  • Fun

Come travel with us around the world… through food! Every month we’ll visit a new surprise country together.

What is the price?

$36.00 AUD Per Month

What was included?

Above is the whole box contents

Individual Items:

Deka Crisp Crepes (Choco Banana)

Layers on layers of crispy chocolate wafer flavoured with bannana & milk chocolate! Comes individually packaged so you can enjoy this sweet treat any time, any where.

Momogi Corn Sticks

These crunchy Momogi corn sticks are just the right mix of flavor and crunch you need! Get the taste of buttered, roasted corn or chocolate in an airy snack stick that melts in your mouth. Its like a corn flavoured cheezel, super crispy and flavourful

Yupi Gummy Hotdog & Burger

A Gummy Candy in the shape of a Hot Dog, we get these here in Australia and they are chewy and yummy!

Beng Beng crispy chocolate wafers

Wafers coated with caramel, crispy rice and chocolate. The other one is the same but with caramel too! Crunchy and delicious

Mi Goreng Chips

Ok hold the phone! We all know and love these noodles here in Australia, and these chips taste exacly the same! Sooo good, my fave thing in the box

Garuda Pilus

Pilus are small, crunchy tapioca pearls. Salty, peppery, and a little sweet, these are a delicious snack which is super different from anthing we get here, so crunchy and moreish!

Teh Kotak

This is a box of ready to drink jasmine tea best served cold. I dont like tea so i cant comment on the flavour

Sina Ginger Candy

Chewy ginger candy. An old favourite with strong ginger flavour. I also dont like ginger so my comments about these arent going to be valid

Chocki Chocki

Choki Choki made of only quality chocolate and creamy milk in chocolate paste format. Its similar to nutella but a little thicker. It was pretty delicious and was snacked up pretty quickly in our house.

Overall thoughts?

As a self confessed snack box addict, i knew id be more than impressed with Treat Crates offerings this month. Ive never done an Indonesian box, so i was excited to jump in and discover some new flavours.

The box really impressed with its range, and variety of savoury, sweet and liquid snacks. I looooved the Mi Goreng chips, ill be buying these for sure in the future.

The price for Treat Crate is really good for all the snacks you get, some of the overseas boxes cost around $50 per month, when Treat Crate is offering just as many snacks for only $36

With the world as it is right now, i whole heatedly suggest you jump on board and order a Treat Crate box, spoil yourself and discover a new cuisine from your lounge room

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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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