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Universal Yums June 2019 Review

Universal Yum June 2019

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What is this subscription box all about?

Travel to a new country every month and discover the best snacks and candies they have to offer! Go in-depth in your exploration with a fun, 8+ page educational booklet that comes with every box.

What is the price?

FROM $13.75 USD Per Month

What was included

This is the whole box contents

Garlic flavoured plantain chips – From the picture it looks banana and garlic chip which sounds like a weird combination but it is actually a plantain which is popular in Columbia. Looking forward to trying this one.

Mayonnaise flavoured potato chips – Another strange sounding chip but Columbians are apparently famous for their condiments. I must admit even though I am not a fan of mayonnaise I did quite like these chips.

Bacon and Lime chips – Wow they do have some weird combos in Columbia but again it works. My husband tried these and he gave them a thumbs up.

Arepa inspired corn tortilla chips with cheese and butter flavour – These are not your normal tortilla chip as these are made from arepa which are thin rounds made from ground corn and then baked, grilled or fried. And of course then made into a chip and flavoured with cheesy and buttery goodness.

Lime flavoured potato chips – On the packet it does say lemon flavoured but pictured on the packet is lime but in Columbia limon means both lemon and lime. You learn something new every day.

Spicy potato chips – These are supposed to be some spicy chips and they recommend having a glass of milk handy before eating. I will let my spice lover husband be the judge of that.

Chocolate coated caramel and peanut wafer bar – A yummy chocolate bar filled with salted peanuts and gooey caramel. This one is so good and I am glad that there was two in the box.

White chocolate coated gummies – These also look like a yummy treat and two were supplied in the box. Think I will save this one for the kids and I can just sneak one or two.

Wafers with coconut cream filling – Inside this wafer is coconut cream made from Columbian coconuts which is slathered on four crispy, lightly chocolatey layers of wafer. Sounds divine.

Plantain cookies – It seems that plantains can be made as a sweet or savoury item. This sounds like to would be great with an afternoon cup of tea.

Strawberries and cream gummies – A popular dessert in Columbia is “fresas con crema” which is creme fraiche, condensed milk and fresh strawberries and that is the inspiration for the sweet.

Wafer rolls with chocolate cream filling – In Columbia it is common to use these wafer rolls as a straw for sipping milk. That sounds like something I may have to try with the kids.

Sweet plantain chips – Another plantain snack. They really do love this in Columbia. These are made from the sweet variety of plantain and they have a salty-sweet flavour. MMMM!

Caramel filled wafers – This snack combines another two famous Columbian street food of wafers and dulce de leche (caramel). They sounds delightful for a treat when visitors come over for a coffee.

Caramel flavoured corn puffs – These are supposed to be the worlds largest corn puff with a caramel coating. Im not too sure about this one but you never know.

Red fruit flavoured chewy candy – These one didnt take too long to get in my belly. I really enjoyed this snack and they reminded me of skittles.

Assorted Colombian sweets – In this specialty box they have six different flavoured caramels which are milk caramel, coffee, guava, panela (cane sugar), orange and coconut. How great would it be to take this out for a dinner and treat some friends to a unusual dessert.

Passionfruit lollipop with bubblegum centre – This is one of the lollies in the yum bag and doesn’t it sound good.

Chewy coconut candy – This is another one of the lollies join the yum bag and it is a roasted coconut treat and there are 8 in there.

Coffee flavoured chew – Again this is in the yum bag and they feel like a hard chew and hopefully it will have a strong Columbian coffee flavour.

Overall thoughts?

This Universal Yums box is from Columbia and when you open the box all you want to do is try it all. I know when I travel it is fun to go and get some chips and lollies to try out and this way I can do it without the plane flight. I do get the largest box which is the Super Yum box and it has 20 plus snacks.

This month did have twenty different snacks. Most of the packets are large enough to share between people and some of them provide 2 or three of them and the lollies in the yum bag had up to eight of each. There is enough in this box that it can be shared with a large family without anyone missing out.

I also like that they provide a detailed booklet that explains every snack and also the ingredients in each and highlighting any allergen that may be in there so you don’t have to be worried or miss out if you are not able to eat a certain ingredient. The booklet also tells you a bit about the featured country, some of the popular landmarks, the culture and superstitions, the local animals, some recipes, trivia quiz and also a local game. Also on the back is a clue for the next month which didn’t really help me out at all though I do have a feeling it will be an Asian country.

To me this is a fantastic subscription box that is so much fun to receive and also so much fun to try different snacks from around the world. In terms of value for money I think it is pretty good considering all the snacks you do get plus all the pleasure it brings to my family. This box does come in smaller sizes so you can try out a smaller box first then upgrade if you like and they also have the option you can skip the month if you don’t like the sound of the box as the do provide spoilers before it is shipped.

I would highly recommend this box and it would also be a great present for the snack lover in your family.

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