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Zen Pop Snack “Nov 2018” Review

Zen Pop Snack Box


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  • New Flavours
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  • Odd Ingredients

What is this subscription box all about?

Zen Pop offers a Japanese Sweets Pack Jam Packed with 15 kinds of sweets and snacks in every box! Enjoy an amazing world of flavors and learn about Japan with delicious treats.

Weird and cool Japanese candy
Traditional Japanese sweets

What is the price?

$40.60 AUD Per Month

What was included

This is the whole box contents

Milky Chews

MMM these are like the Milko chew bars we all had as kids here in Australia. They are super yummy and take a while to get through the chew!

DIY Sushi Gummies

These were interesting as you had to do a bit of work to construct your candy! They are super soft and jelly like, with a yummy sweet flavour, Mix and match to your hearts desire!

Hello Kitty Nodo Ame

We have all had these type of candies before, just like those little love hearts ones we get here in Australia, just a rock candy with a sweet flavour.

Wasabi Cheese

Okay these are a definite winner. They are the same dry biscuits we get here called CLIX, but with some wasabi cheese in the middle. I couldn’t even taste the wasabi which was a let down, but they were still moreish


Hmmm I thought these were going to be pea flavoured, but I think they are broad bean flavour. Crunchy sticks with a strong taste. I didn’t enjoy these at all!

Wasabi Kaki No Tane

Good to have with beer, they are similar to the pretzels we get here in Australia. Crunchy with a little bit of KICK!

Matcha Shittori

I dont like Matcha, so i recruited my mum to try these for me. She said they tasted more like mint than matcha, but she loved them!

White Rollita

OMG these were yummy! A cookie covered in a sweet but creamy white chocolate, just the right amount for a quick snack.

White Choco Bar Z

We dont have anything like this here in Australia. It kind of had a popcorn or rice type flavour in the background, with a white chocolate flavour too. It was odd but quite nice

White Choc Langue’du Chat

Delicious cookie type sweet, the cookies almost seemed deep fried though, with a yummy creamy filling. I loved these

Mille Feuille Bar

This kind of reminded me of a kit kat, crossed with a wafer biscuit, It was okay but needed more chocolate and less wafer. It was quite dry

Kappa Ebisen

These tasted like the prawn crackers you get from Chinese restaurants here in Australia. Though it was more crispy and hard. Delicious

Ninja Meshi

I’m not even sure what flavour this is, but it wasn’t very nice. The more you chew the stronger it gets, which didn’t help this candy as the flavour wasn’t appealing.

Kinako Stick

Hmmm Roasted soy bean flour? It honestly tastes as good as it sounds! Which is not very good! This only stayed in my mouth for a breif second, not my cup of tea.

Strawberry Soft Candy

Yummmmmy! This kind of reminded me of the Zappos we get here, but much softer and super full or flavour! This was gone in a flash, if only it was bigger!

Overall thoughts?

There is something thrilling about trying candy and food from another country, you find yourself comparing it with your own national sweets, and wondering why we don’t get things like that here at home.

Japan is known for its odd flavours compared to us western countries, and this box was no exception. Alot of the items like the cookies and chews are new and exciting to me, bringing new flavours and textures that you just cant buy here.

While some of flavours are too foreign, and make me wonder what the Japanese are thinking lol! Soy bean flour on a candy? No Thanks we don’t need that here haha

The Selection was caried with some sweet and some savoury, some bland and some spicy.

Overall this was a tasting experience like no other. With up and down along the way, coated in excitement and pondering.

The price for this box is very reasonable considering its shipped here from Japan.

Get on board with Zen Pop and try some new flavours and experiences, you cant get here in Australia!

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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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