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Zenpop Feb 2020 Ramen & Sweets Review

Zenpop Ramen & Sweets Mix

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A mix of noodles and snacks from Japan in every box! 2 or more bowls of noodles, and at least 6 sweets & snacks. Discover new favorites each month.

What is the price?

$22.50 USD Per Month

What was included?

Above is the whole box contents

Individual Items:

Shio Yakisoba Ramen

A nice big tub of yakisoba ramen, it was super yummy even though I couldnt really describe the flavour. It had some green vegetables in it too, which was yummy but i have no idea what it was.

Charumera Shio Ramen

A smaller cup of shio ramen, with chicken, pork, scallop & basil flavours. With egg, cabbage and green onion in the cup the flavour was so delicious and fresh! Love!

Jagabee Salt & Sesame Oil

Well if you watched my unboxing video, you will know i thought these were ramen! They are infact potato chips hiding in a ramen cup! They are similar to the french fries chips we get here in Australia, but they are thicker and have a strong sesame flavour. They were pretty delicious

Wasabi Kaki No Tane

Kind of like an asian pretzel snacks, crackers & peanuts. The perfect snack paired with a nice cold beer

Puchi РMargarita Pizza Chips

I thought these woukd be like rice crackers, but they were more like baked chips, super yummy with a pizza/tomato flavour

Shimi Choco

A weird sweet that we dont get here, its like a big rice bubble with milk chocolate soaked in. I think its actually a corn puff though. Pretty tasty but a weird texture

Don Don Yaki – Sauce Flavour

Its a puffed rice snack (i think) with some strong onion, seaweed & bonito flavours. I cant decide wether i like these or not

Takenono No Sato

Its primarily a bamboo shaped biscuit, dipped in chocolate. Super delicious and crunchy

Umaibo – Salami Flavour

This is one big Cheezel! But instead of cheese flavour it was salami, i wish we had these here as it was so moreish and tasty!

Overall thoughts?

Well id have to say this is yet another banging box from Zenpop! As a lover of ramen i was excited to see what japan had to offer, and i was far from disappointed. I feel like Japan really respects its noodles, as both of the ramens i received tasted authentic and quality. The noodles we get here are often simple and taste like fake boring flavours. The ramens both had cabbage in them, which really came back to life with the hot water, and brought a nice refreshing veggie to the mix.

The snacks from most international countries are always hit and miss, we are so used to our own flavours that other countries cuisine can be quite perplexing to out palette. All the sweet items i received this month were delicious, as were the chip type snacks. The only one i didnt really enjoy was the Don Don Yaki – Sauce Flavour, which was just a bit much for my simply Aussie taste buds. I love trying these new things though, and seeing how different the cuisine flavours are.

The zenpop box is always amazing value! Coming all the way from japan in a SUPER fast shipping time, mine arrived within the week while some of my Australian boxes i order around the same time have yet to arrive. Very impressed with the shipping and value of this months Midnight snacks ramen & sweets mix box.

Do yourself a favour and try one of these bad boys, you wont be disappointed!

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Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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