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Zenpop Sweets & Ramen Dec 2021

Zenpop Sweet & Ramen

27.00 USD










  • Great Selection
  • Quality brands
  • So fun


  • Melted Chocolate

What is this subscription box all about?

The perfect mix of instant noodles, snacks and Japanese candies for the sweet and savory lover!

What is the price?

$27.00 USD Per Month

What was included?

Individual Items:

Caramel Corn Whitemilk Flavor from Tohato – I always love these sweet cheeto like snacks from Japan. We dont have anything like it here, and OMG these were the best thing in the box, you cant stop eating them!

Potato Deluxe Mild Salt Flavor from Calbee – These were pretty cool, like super thick potato chips. We have nothing similar here, so that always makes for a new experince.

Nomihosu Ippai White Shio Butter Ramen from Acecook – Who knew ramen with butter could taste so good? It was like a rich moreish butter flavour, with silky smooth noodles and broth.

Menzukuri Toridashi Shio from Maruchan – This was another amazing example of Japanese ramen, it had little bits of what looked to be cabbage inside which proided pops of freshness and the broth was so tasty

Baby Star Ramen Umashio Flavor from Oyatsu Company – These are like the dry noodle snacks we get here in australia. Not my favourite thing, but very tasty

Noukou Choco Brownie Rich Milk from Bourbon – This tasted like a dry brownie, would have been better if it had a little more moisture, but it was still delicious

Hiehiekko Gum from Marukawa Seika – This single piece of gum was just like the ones we used to get here with the tatoos in them! Such nostaglia!

LOOK 3 White Lovers from Fujiya – Sadly this chocolate was melted into one weird chunk at the end of the package. The texture was all wrong due to being melted, but the flavour was rich and delicious.

Overall thoughts?

OOOOOH, another Japanese snack box, but this time we have some ramen included as well! This box combines my 2 favourite things in life, snacks and 2 mins noodles!

I love trying Japanese snacks as they are always a little bit different to ours, and the ramen is out of this world compared to ours.

This box had an amazing selection, with some savoury and some sweet, my only complaint is every time I get a box from Japan, it’s always melted! I don’t know if it’s Australia post, or the flight over here, but I’m super sick of the melted chocolate that ends up in the boxes =(

The noodles were the best part this month, as they travel well, and have such a deeper flavour profile than our aussie noodles, we need to take a leaf out of Japans book and step up our ramen game.

The value and service from Zenpop was top notch as always, and we cant wait to try another box in the future!

Check out my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in a Box

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